Sunday, January 6, 2013

January's Bizarre and Weird Holidays

Every month has its share of bizarre and weird holidays, some official and others that won't get you a paid day off at work.  And it's those unofficial holidays that are the most fun.

January offers a month long celebration for the following:  National Bath Safety Month, National Blood Donor Month, National Braille Literacy Month, National Hobby Month, Hot Tea Month, National Oatmeal Month and National Soup Month.

And there is a week long celebration for Letter Writing Week that occurs the second week of January.

So…let's move on to the daily holidays of dubious origin.

January 1   New Year's Day starts out the year with parades and football games

January 2   Run Up The Flagpole And See If Anyone Salutes Day

January 3   Festival of Sleep Day
January 3   Fruitcake Toss Day: This is your opportunity to throw away the old fruitcakes from years gone past.  Caution—do not toss the fruitcake at anyone.  This weighty steel-like mass of sugar, flour and fruits could truly insure someone if they were hit by it.
January 3   Humiliation Day

January 4   Trivia Day: Trivia Day is a fun day.  It's an opportunity to share those little tidbits of knowledge.  No matter how big or how small, dazzle your friends and family with your knowledge.

January 5   National Bird Day

January 6   Bean Day
January 6   Cuddle Up Day

January 7   Old Rock Day

January 8   Bubble Bath Day
January 8   Male Watcher's Day:  This is the day for all the ladies out there to watch the guys.  You can perform your male watching anywhere that suits your fancy, such as the following—at work where tight shirts cover bulging muscles, at a singles bar or sports bar, at the mall (your turn to do the leering at a place where the guys usually do it), whether discreetly or blatantly it's the day for it.

January 9   Play God Day

January 10 Houseplant Appreciation Day
January 10 Peculiar People Day:  This is the day to look for the good in your peculiar friends or it's the day to be honored and appreciated if you are the one who is peculiar.

January 11 Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friend's Day

January 12 Feast Of Fabulous Wild Men Day:  If you're a fabulous wild man this is your day to be ogled by women and if you're a woman this is your day to ogle all those fabulous wild men…a definite link to January 8 Male Watcher's Day.

January 13 International Skeptics Day
January 13 Make Your Dreams Come True Day:  Dreams don't usually come true on their own, so today is the time to do something about it.

January 14 Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 15 National Hat Day

January 16 National Nothing Day

January 17 Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day:  There's a day to make resolutions and a day to ditch them.  If you're still keeping some of those resolutions, you're doing better than most of us.

January 18 Thesaurus Day
January 18 Winnie The Pooh Day (the birthday of author A.A. Milne)

January 19 National Popcorn Day

January 20 National Buttercrunch Day
January 20 National Penguin Awareness Day

January 21 National Hugging Day
January 21 Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 22 National Blonde Brownie Day

January 23 National Pie Day
January 23 National Handwriting Day
January 23 Measure Your Feet Day:  The first question is, of course, why?  Oh, well…celebrate the day and enjoy it.

January 24 Beer Can Appreciation Day
January 24 Compliment Day

January 25 Opposite Day

January 26 Spouse's Day

January 27 Chocolate Cake Day
January 27 Punch The Clock Day

January 28 Fun At Work Day
January 28 National Kazoo Day:  Kazoo Day celebrates the joy of this musical instrument.  They're easy to play and can be played solo or in groups.

January 29 National Puzzle Day
January 29 National Cornchip Day

January 30 National Inane Answering Machine Day

January 31 Backward Day
January 31 Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

And that's January's offering of the bizarre and weird when it comes to celebrations.

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