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FALLING FOR THE ENEMY—a conversation with Paige and Bryce

Harlequin has recently reissued 13 of my 21 backlist titles in ebook.  Today I'm talking with Paige Bradford and Bryce Lexington about FALLING FOR THE ENEMY, a Silhouette Desire originally released in print August 2002 and currently available in ebook.

Hello, Paige and Bryce.  Thank you for making room in your schedule to chat with us today.

Bryce:  It's our pleasure.

My first question is for you, Paige.  You moved from St. Louis, Missouri, to Los Angeles, California, then you went to work for Bryce's company…is that correct?

Paige:  I'm from Los Angeles originally.  After my divorce, I returned to be near my father.  He was my only family.

About your father…I understand that you're the one who found his body after he…

Bryce:  Would you mind skipping that topic?  It's an emotional—

Paige:  It's all right, Bryce.  Yes, I'm the one who found my father's body after he…he shot himself.  In addition to a suicide note, I also found scraps of paper in the fireplace that he had apparently tried to burn.  Bits and pieces of things that didn't make sense, lots of numbers.  (glances at Bryce as if seeking reassurance)  And Bryce's name mentioned several times.

Bryce:  (grasps her hand and holds it)  And that's when she started prying into my life, a situation that quickly came to my attention only I didn't have a clue why she was doing it.

Paige:  Well, what I found led me to believe he was responsible for my father committing suicide.  I was determined to prove it…to bring him down and expose him for what he was.  Or, more accurately, what I believed him to be.  I also wanted to find some way of keeping him from closing down my father's company and putting 100 employees with families out of work.

Really?  Bryce, you actually owned her father's company?

Bryce:  Well, sort of.  By default, actually.  I didn't really want it. 

What happened next?

Bryce:  What else…I hired her as my personal assistant so I could keep my eye on her in order to find out what she was up to.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  LOL.

No, I meant what happened next with her father's company.

Bryce:  You'll need to buy the book to find out about that.

Okay, I'll accept that.  Now let me change the subject.  There's a question I've been dying to ask you.

Bryce:  (laughs softly then flashes a teasing grin)  Uh Oh.  That sounds ominous.  Do I need to consult my attorney?

LOL…I think you'll be okay.

Paige:  Don't worry.  (offers a mischievous grin)  I'll protect you if she gets too rough.

Bryce:  Looks like I'm covered.  Fire away.

From the beginning, I notice you called her Bradford rather than Paige, Ms. Bradford, or Mrs. Bradford, and continued it for quite a while in the same way as guys refer to each other by their last names.  Why did you do that?

Bryce:  That's an easy one.  From the first time we met I knew I had to keep an emotional distance and make sure nothing between us became personal.

Do I detect an immediate attraction?

Bryce:  Definitely.  Calling her Bradford helped me maintain that emotional distance.  At least for a while.

Paige:  I was feeling it, too.  As much as I wanted to believe he was the ruthless shark I had made him out to be, the more I was around him…the more I found out about him…my firm convictions began to rapidly crumble.  There was the Italian family who owned the small neighborhood restaurant in London, the business negotiations for new contracts, his work ethic.  Everything going on around me shot down all my preconceived notions until I didn't know what to think anymore.

Tell me about the avalanche.

Paige:  Plain and simple…Bryce literally saved my life.

What happened?

Paige:  It's all in the book.

Oh, I see.  LOL  Another suggestion to buy the book if you want to know the answers.  Sounds like a good idea.  Thank you for being with us today.


Next Sunday, December 4, I'll be back here with Melanie Winslow and Cody Chandler as my guests talking about another of my Silhouette Desire ebook reissues, COWBOY DREAMING.  I hope to see you then.

FALLING FOR THE ENEMY, a Silhouette Desire by Shawna Delacorte reissued in ebook format. Available at (do a search for author or title). Barnes and Nobel for NookBooks at and Amazon for Kindle at


A Dangerously Desirable Boss:
Paige Bradford intended to expose Bryce Lexington for the ruthless shark he was. But when they started working together, the sparks they gave off jettisoned her best intentions…. Paige knew this corporate hunk wasn't what he seemed—but was she losing her heart…to the enemy?

Hiring oh-so-sexy Paige might have been the biggest mistake Bryce had ever made, but he had to learn what she was after. Especially since she had Bryce—the man with everything—wanting something far more precious: Paige's love.

G-rated excerpt (inside front cover):

The look on Bryce Lexington's handsome face said it all.  He liked what he saw, liked it very much. Paige felt an inexplicable tingle of excitement as he continued to stare at her. She quickly pulled the beach jacket on, covering her body from shoulders to mid thigh.

"Tomorrow, Bradford…" Bryce paused to take a calming breath. "Tomorrow bring your own swimsuit." He quickly turned and left the pool house without even pausing to look back.

Paige closed her eyes. The look of smoldering intensity that Bryce had greeted her with popped back into her mind. A tremor of sensual desire made its way through her body, then settled low inside her.

Paige was not sure what she wanted anymore or why she was still there. She probably should have resigned as she had originally planned, but now it was too late.


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