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HAVING THE BEST MAN'S BABY—a conversation with Jean and Ryland

Harlequin has reissued 13 of my 21 backlist titles in ebook.  Today I'm talking with Jean Summerfield and Ryland Collier about HAVING THE BEST MAN'S BABY, a Silhouette Desire originally released in print October 2003 and currently available in ebook.

Thank you, Jean and Ry, for joining me today.  The two of you first met in high school where you were good friends.  Then suddenly you were like strangers to each other.  After graduation you each went your separate ways and didn't have any contact for fifteen years.  That seems odd to me.  If you were such good friends, why didn't you stay in touch?

Jean:  That's a tough question that doesn't have an easy answer.

That's an odd statement.  Can you elaborate?

Jean:  (glancing at Ry as if to determine if he agreed with what she was about to say)  I couldn't imagine why he would want to be friends with me.  At sixteen, I was overweight, had a mouth full of metal braces, wore ugly glasses, and my wardrobe consisted of second hand clothes that looked like they belonged to a maiden great-aunt…which wasn't far from the truth.  In other words, I was an awkward mess.  Ry, on the other hand, was star quarterback of the football team, class president, and had people falling all over him wanting to be his friend…especially the cheerleaders.  We had a couple of the same classes and just fell into a pattern of walking from the first class to the second together and struck up a friendship.

Ryland:  Jean was so easy to talk to.  I genuinely enjoyed her company.  She was the only person where I truly felt like I could be myself without needing to guard what I said and did.  As to what happened…well, it was my fault.  I wasn't responsible for the circumstances that set it up, but I take full responsibility for the terrible way I handled it.

You keep referring to 'it' as in set 'it' up…handled 'it'…what is the 'it' you're talking about?

Ryland:  A terrible mistake I made that haunted me for fifteen years.  Not a day went by that I didn't have to deal with the guilt over what I'd done.  When I realized who the maid of honor was at my best friend's wedding, I kept vacillating between the anxiety of having to face up to my guilt and the thrill of finding a long lost friend I thought I'd never see again.

So the two of you reconnected at a wedding after fifteen years.  And the wedding provided a conducive setting for your own romance?

Jean:  Yes and no.

Meaning what, if you don't mind me asking.

Jean:  Certainly the week leading up to the wedding was filled with activities involving us with each other and ongoing contact with a bride and groom obviously head-over-heels in love with each other.  But then a dark cloud descended over things…I thought I was pregnant, we discovered that Ry's consulting contract connected to my job.  And then there was the arrival of his wife on the scene.

His wife?

Ryland:  Not wife…EX-wife.  The situation became confused, things were said in the heat of the moment…

So your path to happiness wasn't as smooth as it might have been?

Ryland:  LOL.  That's for sure.

Jean:  I thought for a while that the path had totally disappeared.

That sounds serious.  What happened?

Jean:  Sorry, you'll need—

I know…LOL, I'll need to read the book to find out.

Ryland:  That's it, exactly.  :)

Then that's exactly what I'll do!


On Sunday, November 20, I'll be here with Jared Stevens and Kim Donaldson as my guests talking about another of my Silhouette Desire ebook reissues, AT THE TYCOON'S COMMAND.  I hope to see you then.

HAVING THE BEST MAN'S BABY, a Silhouette Desire by Shawna Delacorte reissued in ebook format.  Available at (do a search for Shawna Delacorte for a complete list of my ebook reissues).  Barnes and Noble for NookBooks at  And Amazon for Kindle at


Suddenly With Child:
Fifteen years had passed since Ry Collier broke her teenage heart.  Fifteen years during which the golden boy had amassed a fortune, making a name for the man.  Fifteen years during which she'd blossomed into a woman bearing little resemblance to an awkward schoolgirl, if Ry's searing, searching appraisal in meeting her again was any indication.  But quickly, best man Ry knew why the maid of honor looked familiar.  And despite the past, they shared a bed.

And Jean Summerfield became pregnant.

Now she had to tell Ry that one reckless, remarkable night of passion had made a baby.  And risk history repeating itself...

G-rated excerpt (inside front cover):

The passion of Ry Collier infused her with a heated desire.  Certainly physical desire.  But mere infatuation?  No matter how much she denied it, things had moved far beyond mere infatuation.  Once again she was losing her heart to someone in spite of her intentions never to do it again.  Then all her thoughts stopped and she gave herself over to the exhilaration building inside her.

Tonight, following the rehearsal dinner...

The decision to make love with him would take them down an unknown path, one that could lead to love or disaster.  An uneasiness tried to replace the positive feeling.  She shoved it aside.  If she was falling in love—

If...  That was a laugh.  She knew in her heart that it had gone beyond the "if" stage.  She was far too involved to turn back now.

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