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THE TYCOON'S SON—an interview with Vicki and Wyatt

Harlequin has reissued 15 of my backlist titles in ebook. Today Vicki Bingham and Wyatt Edwards are my guests for a conversation about THE TYCOON'S SON, a Silhouette Desire originally released in print July 1998 and currently available in ebook.

Hello Vicki and Wyatt.  Thank you for making time in your schedule to be here today.

Vicki:  Our pleasure, Shawna.  Thank you for inviting us.

As I understand it, the two of you dated back when you lived in Sea Cliff then you both ended up leaving town and going your separate ways.  Wyatt, I'd like to address my first question to you.  What prompted your decision to move back to Sea Cliff after having been away for fifteen years?

Wyatt:  That's a good question, but I'm not sure I have a good answer…at least not one that made a lot of sense at the time.  Ten years before I returned, my father died and left me control of his business empire headquartered in San Francisco.  Prior to that I'd been working primarily with the corporation's international holdings.  For the ten years I was at the corporate offices I had a restlessness pulling at me.  I wanted to recapture the past, a time when things seemed much simpler.  In retrospect, I now realize that I looking for the contentment I had when Vicki and I were dating.  So I had the old family home renovated and decided to make that my primary residence and work from there with the intention of going into the corporate offices in San Francisco only a few days a month.

What about you, Vicki?  Why did you return to Sea Cliff after having been away for fifteen years?

Vicki:  My father owned the local country store…groceries in front and the post office in back.  When he died a couple of months earlier, I returned to Sea Cliff to run the store. I was a bit at loose ends since my husband had also recently died and there was just my son and me.  When I learned that Wyatt was returning, I didn't know what to think or do.  I wanted to stay as far removed from him as I could. My memory was of the Edwards' family who lived in the big house on top of the hill like royalty in their castle looking down on their realm. The last thing I wanted was to bring up the past, to dredge up what might have been before he walked on me.

He walked out on you?

Wyatt:  And for fifteen years I had believed she was the one who walked out on me…left town as a means of leaving me.

That sounds like nothing more than a misunderstanding.  Couldn't the two of you have straightened it out with a simple conversation?

Vicki:  Unfortunately simple is something it wasn't.  My priority wasn't in straightening out the past, it was in protecting my son from the present and future because of the past.  The past was the last thing I wanted to dredge up.

Protect your son from what?

Vicki:  He was 14, a difficult age at best. I wanted to protect him from what I believed would be an emotionally devastating situation for him.

Wyatt:  I kept pushing Vicki.  (he reached over and took her hand)  I wanted answers, I had to know why she walked out on me.  The truth finally came out and we were able to talk about it.

What truth did you discover?

Vicki:  I didn't walk out on him. I thought it was the other way around.  Bottom line, it was more than one truth that finally found the light of day.  (flashes a teasing grin)  But I can't tell you about what they were.

Wyatt:  You'll have to read—

LOL  I know…you don't need to tell me.  I have to read the book.  Thank you Vicki and Wyatt for stopping by.


THE TYCOON'S SON, a Silhouette Desire by Shawna Delacorte reissued in ebook format.  Available at (do search for author name).  Also available from Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook.


Years melted away the moment Vicki Bingham gazed into piercing blue eyes and took in the very gorgeous—very grown-up—version of the boy she'd once loved. The rich boy who had deserted her after a magical night of exploring caresses and explosive kisses. The millionaire who was father to her teenage son…and hadn't a clue.

Or did he?

Because Wyatt Edwards had taken an uncanny interest in young Richie, and an even more unsettling interest in Vicki herself, the moment he'd return to town. He seemed to want answers—and it was clear he wanted Vicki. But all that would surely change once this tycoon discovered the truth….

Inside front cover excerpt:

"Here's to what has been and what is yet to be."

His words settled over her like a soft caress. He wrapped her in his embrace and snuggled back into the corner of the couch, pulling her with him.

"It's been a long time, Vicki. I've often wondered what happened to you, what you were doing…whether or not you were happy."

It was not what she had been expecting and she was not sure how to respond. "I was wondering the same thing about you."

Any further thoughts were put on hold when he claimed her mouth with all the passion he had been carrying inside him for the past fifteen years.

A soft moan escaped her lips. Things had gone too far. She could not stop what was happening even if she wanted to. If it was to be that they had only this one night together, then she wanted it to be enough to last her a lifetime.
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Rhonda D said...

This sounds like an awesome book. I love books that have the daddy not knowing about a baby until way later and a misunderstanding causing the rift between the couple.

Shawna Delacorte said...

Rhonda: I'm glad you enjoyed my blog. Thanks for commenting.