Sunday, September 30, 2012

October In History

Every month (probably every day of that month) has significant events of historical interest and importance.  Those listed here are only a cross-section, most of them related to American history. 

October 1   The Twilight Zone television series premiered (1959)
                   Walt Disney World opened in Orlando, Florida (1971)

October 2   Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schultz first appeared in newspapers (1950)

October 5   The World Series first broadcast on radio (1921)

October 6   Thomas Edison showed the first motion picture (1889)

October 11 Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan was the first American woman to walk in space (1984)

October 12 The first Oktoberfest is held in Munich (1810)

October 14 Martin Luther King Jr. awarded Nobel Peace Prize (1964)

October 15 I Love Lucy premiered on television (1951)

October 16 Marie Antoinette guillotined in France (1793)

October 17 Al Capone convicted of income tax evasion (1931)

October 19 American Revolutionary War ended (1781)

October 21 Thomas Edison invented incandescent light bulb (1879)

October 23 In New York City 25,000 women march demanding the right to vote (1915)

October 24 Anna Edison Taylor is the first person to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel (1901)

October 25 U.S. Forces invade Grenada (1983)

October 26 The Gunfight at the OK Corral occurs (1881)

October 28 France gave the U.S. the Statue of Liberty (1886)

October 29 Black Tuesday, the New York Stock Exchange crash starting the Great Depression (1929)

October 31 Magician Harry Houdini dies from complications of a ruptured appendix (1926)

Obviously there are many more historically noteworthy events in October.  I've presented only a sampling here.  I didn't mention Halloween because…well, I'm saving that for next week when I blog about October holidays, both bizarre and legitimate.

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