Saturday, July 26, 2014

9 Fast Food Fascinating Facts

Fast Food has pretty much permeated the entire planet, some places more than others.  I'm sure all of us, whether only on a rare occasion or several times a week, have utilized that drive-up window to grab a quick bite to eat.  After all, "fast" indicates we don't have time to get out of our cars and go inside a building. :)  Here in the U.S., it has become a way of life for some.

I recently came across a list of fascinating and fun facts relating to fast food and I'd like to share them with you.

1)  McDonald's chicken McNuggets come in four shapes—the ball, the bow-tie, the boot and the bell [all beginning with B, planned or coincidence?].

2)  The largest fast food chain in the world is NOT McDonald's—it's Subway.

3)  Singer Jason Mraz sells avocados to his local Chipotle.

4)  A 30 oz. large McDonald's iced tea [sweet tea] has as much sugar as two Snickers candy bars.

5)  The founders of the Outback Steak House chain have never been to Australia [although I do not consider Outback to be a fast food eating establishment].

6)  Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream has chunks in its various flavors because Ben has anosmia [loss of the sense of smell] so he relies on "mouth-feel" when eating.

7)  A traditional Christmas dinner in Japan consists of KFC [that's "new" tradition rather than long time traditional  :)].  They place their Kentucky Fried Chicken order as much as two months in advance.

8)  In the contiguous U.S. [lower 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii] you can never be more than 115 miles from a McDonald's.

9)  Pizza Hut once spent one million dollars to deliver a pizza.  What?  Did you hear that correctly?  You certainly did, but you need to take into consideration where they delivered it.  The destination was quite a distance away [definitely not within that 115 miles mentioned in #8].  They sent it…into space.  I don't know if it was the most popular pepperoni or something more exotic.

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