Saturday, January 17, 2015

What Your Favorite Liquor Says About You

I've done blogs on what your favorite ice cream says about you and what your favorite sandwich says about you.  So, when I saw an article titled What Your Favorite Liquor Says About You, it seemed like a natural for another blog.  The article did not refer to beer or wine, only hard liquor.

When you walk into a liquor store, do you head for a specific section and look for your favorite brand or do you browse the aisles to see what's new, or ask the clerk what's on sale?  Whether you prefer to drink it on the rocks, as a well drink (liquor of your choice mixed with something simple like water or soda), or something a little more complex such as a martini, screwdriver, mai tai, margarita, etc., your basic choice of liquor says something about you.

Before I switched over to almost exclusively wine (several years ago), I was a scotch and water person.  Of course, Mexican restaurants still cry out for a margarita. :)

Here's a list of types of liquor (in no particular order) and what they say about you.

1)  Vodka:
Choosing the neutral (non) flavored spirit as your favorite says a few different things about you.  You are new to drinking and don't like the taste of various alcohols that much.  Or you are a little too familiar with drinking and don't need to taste it.  Or you are Russian or Ukrainian.

2)  Bourbon:
You recognize the value of hard work and hold the reward of that accomplishment in high regard [reminds me of NCIS with Gibbs in his basement drinking bourbon from a jar while working on his current boat project  :)].  When you love, you love all the way, but when you don't, you make it very clear.

3)  Gin:
You believe to be truly creative you must first learn the classics.  You easily fit into most social situations and can always find some common interest to discuss with others.  Spring is your favorite season.

4)  Tequila:
One thing interesting about this liquor—if someone says that tequila is their favorite liquor, we assume they're maybe a little unstable.  However, if that same person says margaritas are the favorite drink, we assume they like to kick back and relax with some chips and salsa.

5)  Scotch:
You have read every book.  Friends turn to you for advice.  You prefer winter to summer and fireplaces to swimming pools.  In times of great stress, you work through it. [on a personal note as a scotch and water person, my favorite season is spring…don't like cold snowy icy or hot humid.  I like fire places and swimming pools.]

6)  Rum:
You march to the beat of a different drummer, prefer flip-flops to boots, fresh fruit to pastries and are always ready to go dancing.

And then some other contenders for our list.

7)  Irish Whisky:
You're here to have a good time and everyone likes hanging out with you.

8)  Rye:
You always need to do things a little bit better than everyone else.

9)  Absinthe:
You own at least one piece of velvet clothing and can name some of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's most prominent influences.

And not to be overlooked:

10)  Moonshine:
You like to keep things simple, work with your hands, and probably own a shed.  Your grandfather might have called you Squirt, and you can fry anything to perfection.

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